Six Signs Your Home Is Vulnerable To Robbery And How To Improve Your Security

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Millions of homes are burgled every year and most of the burglaries are as a result of a number of security vulnerabilities that exposes the houses to robbery. Here’s how to make sure yours isn’t one of them.

Your social status
Make friends with those who live around you, or at least a passing acquaintance, as nosy neighbours can be your best allies when it comes to protecting your home from robberies.

You don’t want to tell everyone when you’re headed out of town (especially on social media) but you do want to tell your plans to your neighbours and your neighbourhood watch program, if you have one, so they can keep an eye out for people they don’t recognize.

Vacation pictures
a lot of people post their vacation pictures while away from their homes. While this may get you a lot of likes, it also notifies your friends and acquaintances that you’re now far from home, making your house a prime target for anyone with ill intentions.

Instead, make sure your social media profiles aren’t public, and wait to post your beautiful holiday selfies until you get home.

Your Front Door
While you may think it is hard for a robbery to occur through your front door, but as much as 50 percent of all burglars enter through the front door. One in four homeowners say they frequently leave their front door unlocked and half do it occasionally.

Considering that the majority of burglaries happen between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., knocking on your front door allows thieves to pose as salesmen or delivery people while checking your door locks.

Your Thrash Can
Leaving the cartons of your brand new 60-inch HD television, gaming set or washing machine around your Thrash can is a good way for you to set yourself up for a robbery as you are basically advertising the fact that those items are in your home.

Electronics are the second thing burglars go for after cash, which makes those cartons make your home a very attractive target. As such, destroy any cartons by cutting them in small pieces and bundling them together in a way that their labels can’t be seen.

Your street
If your house is located in a high-visibility place, such as a corner, you are less like to experience a home robbery because there are simply too many potential ways to be seen.

Houses in the middle of the block are much better targets. This is especially true if your property backs up to a forest, open lot, or other unguarded area. To make your house as difficult as possible to access, install high fences and lots of lighting.

Your Windows
First-level entry windows are the second-most common entry point for burglars, after the front door simply because it is relatively easy to gain access through a window. And even people who are diligent about locking their doors will often leave a window open, especially in warm weather.

To correct this, use a window jam that will only allow the pane to be pushed open a few inches.



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