Six Items You Should Always Have In Your Car To Be More Productive

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There are a number of essential items that every driver should have handy in their car because they help to make you more productive. You should consider stocking up on the essentials for getting organized, staying safe, and managing everyday emergencies.

Mini Tool Kit
You don’t have to be a mechanic to embrace the good idea of having a mini tool kit in your car, along with a tire pressure gauge, duct tape, and WD-40. Also, a screwdriver or hammer can be a tremendous help for an unexpected car repair on the road.

Water Bottle
having a water bottle in your car at all times is necessary as it will help to keep you hydrated always. Ensure that it is a reusable bottle of water that you can refill whenever you get home. You will stay hydrated—and save money on beverages while you’re out.

Important Papers
Without exception, you should store your proof of car insurance, the car’s owner’s manual, and vehicle licence permanently in the glove box. It’s also wise to have your local mechanic’s name and phone number handy too.

Tissues, napkins, and wipes
While you may think it is only people with kids that need to stock up on napkins, paper towels, or moist wipes, you need them irrespective for times when you spill your coffee or accidentally spray SPF all over the window instead of your shoulder.

For big spills, you may want to consider keeping a clean rag in the trunk. You never know when you may need to wipe up oil, change a flat, or tie it to your side-view mirror if you break down on the road.

Phone Chargers
Why let your mobile phone battery die when you can just plug it into your car’s electrical or USB outlet? All you need to do is to carry a dedicated charger in the car and not be tempted to remove it. It will be there when you need it most!

You can’t always rely on your phone’s flashlight (especially if you forget to charge it), which is why it is necessary for you to invest in a high-quality flashlight and also remember to replace the batteries regularly. You can also use a flashlight to alert other drivers if you are broken down without lights, and to also signal for help.



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