Seven Simple Ways You Can Always Keep Your Car Squeaky Clean

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A clean, organized car might have sounded like something you can only achieve in your dreams and not one that you can easily attain. We have come up with a number of do-it-yourself solutions for keeping your car sparkling clean which are easy enough for anyone to perform.

Keeping your car reasonably clean is actually important to having it running like new, with fewer problems down the line.

Car Interior Cleaning Wipes
The best way to keep your car looking as clean as new is to have some car interior cleaning wipes on hand at all times. They are cheap to make and will also help to repel dust, leaving your car’s interior smooth and perfectly clean on the go.

Windshield Washer Fluid
Windshield washer fluid that you buy from stalls contain a poisonous substance called methanol that can actually be lethal, even in small doses. You can however use them and make sure you keep out of the reach of children.

Car Air Freshener
Some store-bought car air freshener quickly lose their synthetic fragrance and often gets thrown away after just a couple of weeks, but you can make one at home or be don the lookout for those that have longer lasting fragrance.

Cleaning Your Car Headlights
When the plastic lenses on your car’s headlights get hazy and oxidized, they tend to disperse the light and worsen your nighttime visibility. Use a soft rag with a mild cleaning solution to clean your headlamps.

Auto Glass Cleaner
Make use of cleaning solutions specifically formulated for auto glass, rather than a regular household glass cleaner, to help ensure that your car’s windows and windshield are not only clean, but completely streak free.

Clean The Car Seat
Car seats are most likely the dirtiest things you can find in a car. As such, ensuring they are clean should be top priority. Using a mild soap, water and rag, gently wipe the seats down. Ensure that you squeeze out the rag before using them to wipe and clean the seats.

Cleaning the Inside of a Car Windshield
Cleaning the inside of a car windshield is necessary in order to improve visibility. Using a soft rag and clean windshield solution, wipe the inside of your windshield and your car will look as clean as new.

Cleaning Steering Wheels With Natural Products
Sweat and oil from your hands will inevitably transfer onto the steering wheel of your car. This will in time form type of gunk on them which will make your car look dirty and old.

You can choose to get a protective covering for the wheel or wipe it down regularly. Do this with the aid of a soft cloth and a cleaning solution.



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