Seven Signs You Are Cleaning Your House Too Much

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While there may not be such thing as cleaning your house too much, the fact remains that there are are number of expert ways through which you can save the time and effort you out into cleaning.

Even if your detergent says you need a full cup for your load, you might be able to get a clean wash with as little as half a cup. It is best for you to go with your gut feeling when deciding how much detergent to use. If half a cup can do the trick, you’ll save yourself some money.

Leather furniture
Washing leather couches with water will soften the fabric, which means the sofa will wear out faster. Furthermore, using a harsh sponge will do even more damage.

If you’re using an abrasive sponge to wipe off a stain on a leather couch, what it does is it takes the stains out but ruins the leather by scratching it. You need to use a leather cleaner, which not only will take the stains out but will protect the leather as well.

Bed sheets
If you at the type that wash your bed sheets just to have have clean smell, you can do so every week or two. If you however don’t mind having a more lived-in bed, you can simply throw your linens in the wash just once a month.

Washing too much can fade the colours and wear out the fabric. If you haven’t been sweating much, you might not need to rush your sheets into the laundry.

Fabric couches
Spraying fabric cleaner directly on your couch means you will have a soaked couch to clean. Instead, spray cleaning product onto a clean rag to wipe furniture, which gives you more control.

Carpets and rugs
There is always a need to make sure your floors are not dirty, especially when you have children around. Families without children can hold off longer.

Rugs with little foot traffic, can be vacuumed as little as once a month. You can save time by holding off on vacuuming so it doesn’t become a chore. However, when there’s a stain, you need to act fast.

Cleaning your windows with chemicals that are not diluted enough will make the surfaces look foggy. While the glass may look clean, against sunlight it shows a dull film.

To get rid of that, wash glass with water and a little bit of mild detergent to wash off. Don’t spray the cleaner straight onto the glass, though. Spritz it on a clean rag, then wipe the area.

Bath Towels
Towels in the bathroom tend to be used after you’ve washed your body or hands. People who use towels to wipe off dirt before a bath might need to wash regularly, other adults could wash their towels less frequently.



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