Seven Pictures You Should Never Post On Social Media

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It is necessary to watch the pictures you post on social media as there is a tendency for some to cause serious problems. Some social media posts could endanger your job, your relationships, and your identity.

Winning A Lottery Ticket
If you’re lucky enough to hit it big with a lottery ticket or bet slip, be smart enough not to post the pictures. Sharing betting slips isn’t a huge liability for small amounts, but, if they want to put in the effort, criminals can replicate the scannable barcode and steal your winnings.

Birth certificate
When you post identifiable information on social media, you could as well give yourself away. While a snapshot of the birth certificate of your new baby might seem like a good way to announce your happy news, it can put your little one at risk for identity theft.

Work You Haven’t Copyrighted
It could be you are proud of your poem or short story and you decided to share before having them published. This is a bad idea as someone may steal your work and there won’t be any thing you can do about it. Posting your work online even if it only has sentimental value makes it easy for people to copy, paste, and claim.

Boarding pass
While bragging about your upcoming trip online may seem harmless, taking a picture of your boarding pass can cause you problems. While your followers might already know your name and destination, your other personal data is at risk.

Posting your boarding pass may give hackers access to personal details like phone number, date of birth, and even passport data. Based on your booking number, criminals can also find out when you leave and return.

Posting pictures of your paychecks and cash is asking for trouble. Asides the fact that doing so is distasteful, you also increase your chances of being robbed. Also steer clear of photos that give away financial information such as the name of your bank.

Other People’s Children
Posting photos of children’s smiling faces might seem innocent enough, but it’s best to think twice before submitting pictures of minors on social media.

Child photography and videotaping laws are changing. You have to be sure you comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and its rules regarding posting identifying information including a child’s school, full name, or hometown, first.

Drunken Memories
As a rule of thumb, you should never post anything online that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. Posting pictures repeatedly of you intoxicated will not make a good first impression.

That alone can kill your chances at getting a new job. What employers definitely won’t tolerate, however, are photos or mentions of illegal drugs and racial slurs. Even if you post them jokingly, others won’t see them that way.



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