Seven Items In Your House You Should Be Cleaning More Often

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Why you may think you are cleaning your house the best way possible, there are a number of items you will be surprised you aren’t wiping the right way. You’ll want to step up your cleaning game after reading this.

Toilet Brush Handles
The toilet brush isn’t the germiest thing in your house as the toilet cleaner often sanitizes the brush as well. The handle of the brush and the container it sits in, can however be cesspools of bacteria.

Make sure you disinfect all the surfaces of your brush when you’re done using it and wipe out the container as well. Or you can switch to disposable brushes or wipes.

One hard truth is that majority of toothbrushes have poop on them. According to a study published by the American Society of Microbiology, toothbrushes, especially those in communal bathrooms, showed a high level of feacal matter contamination.

The researchers also found icky germs like E. coli and Staph. To reduce the chances of this are reduced if you stop storing your toothbrush next to a toilet.

Dishcloths are kitchen counter staple that traps oils, fats, and bacteria, which makes them prone to a funky smell if not washed frequently. Wash the dishcloth after every use with dish soap and hot water, then let it hang to dry between uses.

Bras may look beautiful, but thanks to the sweat and oils from your skin they can be the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. While most of the bacteria found in a bra are harmless, in some cases they can cause rashes, odours, and even infections.

Experts recommend washing your bra every two to three wears, which can seem like a lot considering that many bras need to be hand-washed and air-dried. You can stock up on it if you always want to have a clean option.

Mops and Brooms
You actually need to clean your cleaning supplies including mops, brooms, rags, sponges, and other reusable items which can accumulate high levels of harmful bacteria and then spread them throughout your house.

Experts recommend switching to microfiber mops and cloths, which can be thrown in the washing machine between uses.

Light Switches
When you go to the bathroom the first thing you do is probably turn on the light, and turn it off before leaving. You may actually be spreading bacteria all through your home this way.

A University of Houston study found that our grimy fingers make light switches one of the most germ-contaminated fixtures in our homes and in public places.

To stay safe at home clean your switches a quick wipe-down once a week. In public you can either operate switches with your elbows instead of your fingers or wash your hands regularly.

Remote controls
According to a study from the University of Arizona, remote controls harboured more germs than many other common items in hospital rooms, of all places.

When was the last time you sat down and wiped between all those tiny buttons on your remote? It’s worth doing a thorough cleaning with an antibacterial wipe at least once a month.



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