Seven Body Parts You Probably Never Knew Their Purpose

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There is a very high chance that you have wondered about the use of some body parts of yours but the truth is care for some parts more than others. Here are a number of body parts you probably don’t know the reason for their use.

Not very many people pay attention to the little flesh that dangles in the back of the throat. Some theories suggest that the uvula—which is fully developed only in humans—helped early humans speak or drink while bending over a watering hole.

The most obvious purpose of the uvula is to quickly secrete large amounts of saliva. According to an Italian study, the uvula may also be associated with snoring. The study found that people who snored had significantly fewer nerve fibers in their uvula than their non-snoring counterparts.

The appendix is a 3 1/2-inch-long tube extending from the large intestine. When inflamed (such as from injury or infection) it can eventually burst and fatally spill infectious materials into the rest of the body.

The inflammation, or appendicitis, is most common in children. When the appendix is removed, it causes no noticeable effects on the body. However, recent research suggests that the appendix houses good bacteria, information that may be useful in rural areas or less developed countries.

Wisdom teeth
Wisdom teeth are actually a third set of molars, which helped our ancestors munch on rough food like roots, nuts, and meat, especially when other teeth fell out.

As much as 35 percent of people never develop wisdom teeth, but the rest begin developing them around age 10, and the grinders erupt in the mouth between ages 17 and 25. This age bracket gives the molars their name; a time when young adults become wiser.

Though fully-grown or healthy wisdom teeth may not need to be removed, if left in place they may cause gum disease, cysts, or damage to nearby teeth.

Though the eyebrows can be used in nonverbal communication to express shock, their main purpose is to protect our eyes from debris, water, and sun.

Eyebrows are also a crucial factor in face recognition, as some studies have found that people tend to find it easier to identify others when they have eyebrows.

Armpit Hair
despite the fact that a lot of people don’t want this type of hair, it is believed that it helps to diffuse the body’s natural smells to help attract a mate. Armpit hair grows above sweat glands that produce your individual scent, and may help a potential mate get attracted to you.

The tonsils are the spongy, almond-shaped tissue toward the back of the mouth looking slightly swollen, red, or laden with white spots. They are part of the lymphatic system, and they defend the body from infections that enter through the nose and mouth.

The tonsils can however become infected themselves when overloaded with bacteria or viruses. They can be removed if they contribute to chronic sickness or breathing problems.

fingernails don’t just only help to boost the economy in sales of nail Polish but also help highlight a key difference between primates and other mammals. Most mammals have claws—our nails are just a flattened version.

Fingernails may also serve as a window to our health: Discoloration or small pits can be an indication of malnutrition or certain skin conditions.



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