Nine Tips That Can Help You Stay Safe And Healthy In Hotels

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Hotels can feel like a great place to relax, but travelling and staying in a place you aren’t conversant with leaves you more vulnerable than ever to getting sick or robbed. Here are nine tips that can help you stay safe whenever you decide to lodge in hotels.

Wear long sleeves
Another easy way to avoid contact with the bedding is to pack pyjamas with long sleeves and long pants. A pair of light socks will help even more.

Use your bed only to sleep
If you’re watching TV or working on your laptop, move over to the desk or chair in your hotel room. It’s more hygienic, and you will probably have an easier time falling asleep once it’s time to sleep.

Use the main entrance
Instead of using side doors when you return to your room at night, it is best you go through the main lobby. You might be farther from your room, but you’ll have the extra security of employees’ eyes on you and anyone who follows you in.

Stay between the third and sixth floors
Hotel thefts are most common on the first and second floor, so staying on a floor above those will reduce your chance of having your belongings stolen.

To be able to feel safe and relaxed, you can request to have your room on the third, fourth, fifth, or sixth floor.

Go For Hotels Instead of Motels
It’s easier to steal from a room when thieves don’t have to pass through a lobby first. More so, if your bedroom opens to the outside, you also run the risk of exposing yourself to dust, dirt and allergens.

Keep your room number secret
Avoid physical attacks by ensuring that the receptionist or anyone at the front desk doesn’t announce your room number out loud.

You should also test whether the hotel gives out room numbers. You can do this by using your cell phone to call the front desk, then pretend you’re a friend asking what room number they gave you. If they give it out freely, then you have something to worry about.

Check for bedbugs
Even the best hotels can harbour bedbugs, especially with growing pesticide resistance. Examine your room before unpacking by pulling away the comforter, and watching for brown bugs that are about the size of an apple seed scampering away.

Also take a close look at the pillows, mattress liners, and mattress seams for bugs or bloodstains. If you see anything questionable, request another room, and do another search there.

Protect against bedbugs
Even if you don’t see any signs of bedbugs, take a moment to protect your bed, just in case. Move the bed out from against the wall, and tuck in the blankets so they can’t touch the floor.

Pack your own sheets
Hotel bedsheets could be crawling with dust mites, allergens, and germs. Throw your own bedsheet over the bedspread to avoid exposing yourself to irritants.



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