How Your TV Remote Could Be Making You Sick

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There is a very high chance that when you think of the things that gets you sick, the last thing that will come to your mind is your TV remote. But do you know that you can actually get sick just from changing the channel?

The truth is you can! Despite the fact that when you think about the things in your house that could be responsible for transferring germs or places that harbour bacteria in your home, you probably are thinking of your toilet, bathroom or kitchen and not your sitting room. Yet one major dirt-collecting culprit is actually lurking in your TV room.

That’s right—your remote control is probably a major germ hub. The device you use to change channels most likely comes into contact with several different hands in one day. The remote falls on the floor, bounces around the couch, and collects dust behind your TV.

If you add the fact that when you eat in front of the TV you’re touching the remote with your dirty, sticky hands, your remote becomes a major germ hub in your house. Also, if you consider that your remote has probably been sneezed on, touched with semi-clean hands, stepped on, then you will know how much your remote could be responsible for you falling sick.

Another contributing factor is the fact that the gadget gets dirty often and doesn’t get cleaned as often. When was the last time you cleaned your TV remote, if ever? If you did, you probably noticed that getting it truly clean was no small feat.

TV remotes are full of little nooks and crannies around the buttons, making cleaning them a challenge. With all the dirt it harbours, a single push of a button could be all it takes to catch a cold from a TV remote.

And that’s just in your home. You may want to be even more careful when you travel because TV remotes are one of the dirtiest items in hotel rooms. You know nothing about the cleanliness habits of the previous hotel guests, and probably don’t want to find out the hard way by getting sick.

Before you panic, however, know that the problem is something that can be easily fixed by simply cleaning the device frequently especially if it’s in your home. As for hotels, you might just want to avoid touching the remote altogether.



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