How To Stop Your Car Windows From Having Fog During A Wet Drive

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Fog on your car windows and windscreens during a wet drive is one problem every driver faces during the rainy season and knowing how to improve your vision is important for safe driving. With the help of three ordinary materials, you won’t have to worry about the annoying fog that reduces your visibility.

Making it to work in the morning when you are in a hurry can be problematic when the early morning fog decides to show its face. By the time you’re showered, fed, and out the door wearing pants, the last thing you want to deal with is a foggy car window.

A windscreen caked with condensation is not just annoying, it’s just plain dangerous. It tends to subside with time and enough air system flowing in your car is fa quicker way to de-fog your windshield.

A quicker way to de-fog your windshield exists, and all you need are three things: a tube sock, a roll of packing tape, and some kitty litter. You can get kitty litter from a pet store, but make sure you get silica kitty litter (the crystalline kind, not the rock kind.)

When it comes to your sock selection, opt for the athletic aisle, as you want the material to be as high-wicking as possible. Take your sock and place the roll of tape at the top of the tube and push it in so that the centre of the roll makes the cuff of the sock plenty wide.

Take your kitty litter and fill the sock up to about where your ankle would begin and then tie it off tight at that point. Now that you have your litter bomb, place it on your dashboard every time you park and leave your car. Your fog problems will be a thing of the past.

The reason why this hack works better than others comes down to the litter. The silica is any incredibly efficient wicking agent that readily absorbs water vapour from the air, and, in a pinch, removes condensation right from your windshield.

If executed correctly, this hack will make sure that there isn’t any fog in your car in the first place.



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