How To Make Your House Clean And Tidy Always

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You probably have that one friend or family member that their house is always clean and tidy and you are lost wondering how they pull it off constantly. There are a number of tips from professional cleaners that can make you adopt the lifestyle you envy.

Make Your Bed
Your bedroom should be cleaned properly once a week, but to keep them in order, there are simple, short tasks you can do daily. In the morning, make your bed and put away your sleeping clothes.

At the end of the day, either hang up your clothes or put them in the laundry basket to stop them piling up and making the room look cluttered. Also, remember to clear away items such as books and glasses from your bedroom regularly and store them in appropriate places.

Put Similar Things Together
Put keys in the same spot every day—on a hook or in a designated bowl, so you never misplace them. Hang your coats on hooks, shoes in a shoe rack and place your clothes in the wardrobes.

All bills should go in the same place to be handled once. When you spend six minutes cleaning up and putting away, you save hours of looking, searching and cleaning.

Look From Floor To Ceiling
Cobwebs and dust bunnies are a clear sign of a neglected home, and you should always do a quick visual scan to make sure you don’t have any.

In each room start at the top by looking up to see if there are cobwebs, and down to see if there are dust bunnies. Remove any cobwebs you see. It takes less than 5 minutes and it makes a huge difference.

Clean Your Bathroom Sink
Cleaning the bathroom sink several times a day may sound silly, but when you start doing so after every use, you will realise how remarkably clean it leaves your bathroom.

Toothpaste, makeup and hard water builds up daily and adds to making your place look untidy. Grab a damp paper towel or a cotton round and wipe down the faucet handles, the sink basin, and the top of the vanity around the sink.

Create Extra Time For Tidying
Creating extra time will allow you to clean up, collect yourself, and get ready in an organized manner. Doing a little planning can keep things rolling along and prevent tasks from getting backed up.



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