How To Clear Fog Off Your Windscreen

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One problem that every driver faces during the rainy and cold season is the problem of fog and mist forming on the inside of their Windscreens.

While the simple solution a lot of people have for this problem is to simply make use of a rag or use their hands to wipe the inside of the windscreen, most cars provide simple solutions to removing fog and mist.

Car windows and windscreens love fogging up on cold, humid or rainy days and many people still drive while rubbing the windscreen with their forearm not knowing they can quickly get rid of the condensation at the touch of a button.

The simple reason your car windows fog up during rain or humid weather is that your warm breath reacts with the cold air on the outside of the glass. This results in the fig that blurs your vision as you drive.

If you decide to turn your heater on, you will only be causing the fog to increase and your windscreen fog up more as it is similar to breathing harder.

When trying to demist your windscreen turn the air-conditioner button on, even on a cold day. Air-conditioning pumps out dry air which during the dry season takes away water vapour from the air and cools things down.

If you go on and decide to use it with the heater, you will get a dry heat which removes water vapour from the air and quickly stops the reaction that causes fog.

Also, note that if you have condensation on a warm day there’s no need to have the heat turned up as it will most likely clear after a few minutes.

You shouldn’t allow fog and mist hinder your vision and safety. Employ this simple method to not only have an enjoyable driving experience but also drive safe for yourself and other road users.



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