How To Clean Your Car Headlamps And Make Them Clear As New

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You would have noticed that after sometime, your car headlamps are not as bright as they were and this is usually due to the sun’s UV rays which really affect them. Also, grit tends to remove the factory-applied protective coating, and the sun removes whatever coating is left.

Furthermore, the lenses cloud over, dramatically reducing the amount of light they project, leaving you with two choices. Restore the old headlights with a restoration kit and a spare hour, or spend between 5,000 to 50,000 Naira each on new headlamps.

Before you decide on buying new headlamps cleaning kit however, you may want to check if they appear frosty or cloudy on the outside of the lens.

If you notice moisture droplets on the inside of the lens or hairline cracks, the problem is most likely on the inside and the headlight can’t be restored. You need to buy a replacement at an auto spar parts shop or from a dealer.

To restore your headlamps. You need headlight restoration kits and this usually includes; sandpaper and polishing compound, and they all do a decent job. There are however better kits, which include a bottle of clear coat remover solution and new UV-blocking clear coat. That makes the job go faster and the results last longer.

It is important to not only buy a good headlight restoration kit but also equally necessary to know how to use them to get that sharp and shiny look back. To begin restoring your headlamps, start by masking off the areas around the headlight to prevent paint damage. Then apply the “activator” solution to soften any remaining clear coat.

Wipe the lens clean before proceeding to wet-sand the lens in a circular pattern with medium pressure, starting with the most coarse sandpaper, and workinh your way to the finest grit. Re-wet the lens frequently with clear water.

At this point, you will be applying the final touch which is a new clear coat. First clean off all the polishing compound and make sure the headlight lens is dry before you apply the new clear coat. Wipe on the clear coat and let it dry for four to six hours before driving. Your headlights wi be as bright as new.



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