Governor Okorocha Declares For Presidency!

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My Governor Has No Brain, By Jibrin Ibrahim
  • Governor Okorocha declares for Presidency!
  • The governor also declares 2-day public holiday for registration, PVC collection
  • Okorocha further says two S-East governors will join APC before 2019 election

In what appears to be an informal way of declaring for Presidency but in 2023, Governor Rochas Okorocha has stated that he stands a better position to be the first president who is from the South East region of the country.

The Imo governor, who spoke during a breakfast meeting with journalists at the Government House, noted that he commands massive followership beyond the Southeast much more than any other Igbo politician.

He, however, lamented what he called the pull-him-down attitude among Igbo political elites, stressing that, “it is unfortunate that we the Igbo don’t celebrate our own, we are only interested how to destroy our own”.

The governor further asserted that he would not rely on the support of the south East to achieve his Presidential ambition.

His words: “I stand a better chance of making the Presidency in 2023 but my greatest challenge will come from the Igbo. It is our character. It will be a foolish thing to imagine that the Igbo will support me”.

The governor also revealed that the region is being fired up to ensure an overwhelming victory for President Muhammadu Buhari at the 2019 polls.

  • Okorocha also declares 2-day public holiday for registration, PVC collection

The governor also declared Wednesday, August 15 and Thursday, August 16, 2018 as public holidays to enable indigenes to go and register or collect their Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, adding that markets and shops would also remain closed on the two days till 4pm.

He regretted that Imo has about 480,000 uncollected PVCs. He also informed that all things being equal, President Buhari would be in the state on a three-day working visit to commission projects, stating that the problem with his administration was not commissioning projects as they came up.

  • Okorocha further says two S-East governors will join APC before 2019 election

Okorocha, yesterday, also disclosed that two governors in the South-East would join the All Progressives Congress, APC, without providing names of the governors.

Speaking to journalists, during a media interaction in Owerri, the governor said:

“It will be good news for us and our political future that two South-East governors will soon jump the ship and move into APC before the elections. We won’t accept the idea of a PDP governor working for Buhari presidency, while expecting us to return him as a PDP governor. It will be unfair for the party. It is either you are with us or not with us.”



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