Five Ways You Can Protect Your Home From Burglars

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Protecting your home from burglars is most likely the thing that is topmost on your mind but you are wondering how to go about it.

Know Your Environment
The presence of a neighbour alone can discourage burglars. When you’re familiar with your neighbourhood, you’re more likely to notice strangers or unfamiliar vehicles.

When something appears suspicious, alert your neighbours, security and the police. If a vehicle is repeatedly seen, you can write the license plate number down and report to the authorities.

Keep It Secret
While you are excited about that trip, you should stay off sharing the details of your vacation with social media, shopkeepers, or tradesmen. There is no reason to alert others when the house will be unoccupied.

While that salesman you chat down the street may not burgle your house, it doesn’t mean a person standing in line behind you won’t pick up on the details without your realizing it, or your salesman could talk about the trip to other people, unknowingly.

Smart alarms
Security systems are more affordable and simpler to use these days. An alarm system with glass break and motion detection technology are available for fittings in your home.

Smart phone apps make it even easier to monitor, arm, and disarm devices remotely. You can also benefit from the additional layer of security which is a proven deterrent. Monitoring systems for housing components like lights, thermostats, and even sump pumps all make it easier to keep your eyes on things while you are away.

Keep Your House Lighted
You cannot underestimate the deterrent effect of motion-activated lighting. Exterior and perimeter motion-activated lighting is a cheap and efficient security measure that will alert you and scare off an intruder.

Fortify Your Doors
Solid wood, metal, and fiberglass doors at the front and rear entries of your home are good, but if they are in bad shape, they could be a piecemeal for burglars. The easiest way for burglars to enter your home is through a weak door or unsecured window.

Layer on security with bump proof/pick proof locks and use 3-inch screws on the strike plate that burrows deep into the door frame, using a deep box strike plate.



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