Five Useful Things You Probably Never Knew You Can Do With Orange Peels

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When you peel the skin of your orange, the last thing on your mind is what to use them for asides throwing them in the Thrash can. As it turns out, the fresh scent and essential oils in oranges make orange peels an excellent natural cleaner and air freshener.

Here are a number of useful things you can do with them.

Keep Your Wardrobe Smelling Clean
If your closet starts to smell musty, you can place orange peels in old socks and stick them with your clothes. They can be replaced anywhere in the wardrobe, whether it’s on a shelf or in drawers. To keep your wardrobe smelling fresh, replace the peels as they dry out.

Condition your Hair Locks
While almost everyone knows that the high amounts of vitamin C found in oranges helps build up your immune system, but do you know it can do wonders for your hair, too?

To make a homemade orange peel conditioner, just throw an orange—with its peel still attached—into a blender, apply the serum to the full length of your hair, and enjoy your soft, smooth hair.

Freshen Up Your Fridge
Do you find the smell of your refrigerator awful? Throwing a few orange peels in there can help to sweeten up the scent to something more pleasant in no time.

You can also fill an orange rind with salt and leave it in the fridge. The salt will absorb odour and moisture in the refrigerator’s air, while the fruit will leave behind a pleasant citrus scent.

Once the salt becomes damp, take the peel out and replace it with a new one as needed.

Clean The Surfaces Of Wood
Not only will using your orange peels to wipe down your wood surfaces leave your tables and cabinets clean and shiny, but they will also leave behind a great smell.

Combine your leftover citrus peels with vinegar to create an all natural, non-toxic cleaner. Fill a jar halfway with orange peels, pour vinegar over the top until the jar is filled, and then let the mixture sit for at least two weeks.

After letting it soak, strain the concoction to remove the peels, pour it into a spray bottle, and you’re good to go!

Polish stainless steel
Just like the effect orange peels have on wood, they can remove water stains by cutting through them with their tough, natural oils. A few rubs and your stainless steel surfaces will be as shiny as new.



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