Five Things You Can Learn About Your Health From Your Hair

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Your hair is actually smarter than you give it credit for and it can reveal a number of things about your health much more than you can fathom. Here’s what your hair can reveal about everything from what you eat to whether you have dental issues or not.

You’re Very Stressed Up
Humans lose between 80 to 100 hairs per day, but if you notice shedding that’s out of the ordinary, it could be telogen effluvium—a period of hair thinning caused by psychological and physical stressors such as an illness, pregnancy, or depression.

The good news is that this condition is completely reversible, but it can be tricky to determine what caused the shedding since the shift isn’t noticeable until three to six months after the stressor takes place.

You Are Adjusting To New Birth Control
As your body responds to hormones from birth control pills, hair can appear finer, drier, and less shiny. You may particularly notice this if you dye your hair regularly, since dry hair absorbs colour faster, but the dye may look different on you when next you try it.

Because birth control pills can cause hair thinning, experts recommend people with a strong predisposition for genetic hair loss to talk to their doctor about a non-hormonal form of birth control.

If You’re Eating Too Much Junk Food
If you are on a diet packed with highly processed foods, your hair will most likely look dull or thin. Without a balanced diet, your body transports whichever nutrients it can get to your heart and other vital organs, exempting your hair.

You may want to stick to colourful whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. If your hair is slow to grow, you could be low on protein, the most essential class of foods for hair growth. Squeeze in two to three servings of protein each day through foods like meat, chicken, eggs, fish, whole grains, and nuts.

If Your Perfectionism Is Abnormal
According to a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, if you are one of those that literally pulls their hair out, you may have a perfectionist personality.

Researchers say when perfectionists fail to meet their own impossibly high standards, they cope with the frustration and dissatisfaction by pulling at their hair, brows, or even lashes.

This particular behaviour is a compulsive disorder known as trichotillomania. Cognitive behavioural therapy can help by teaching sufferers other strategies through which they can deal with stress.

If You’re Prone To Dental Issues
A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation says that People with hair disorders that came about as a result of mutations of the hair protein keratin (known as anagen hair syndrome), in which hair pulls out easily—have a high risk of cavities.

Keratin is an essential building block for both hair and tooth enamel, and mutations of the protein also result in a softer tooth surface that is susceptible to bacteria and decay. If you have a known hair disorder, you may have to consider being more vigilant about dental health, including flossing daily and scheduling regular dental visits.



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