Five Emergencies Everyone Should Know How To Manage

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We live in a world full of risk and are faced with emergencies but do you know how to respond when everyday emergencies happen?

When There Is A Power Outage
When the power in your house suddenly cuts out and the neighbors still have lights on, chances are you have an electrical fault. Take a Torch and check the GFCI receptacle, circuit breaker, main breaker, or fuse box.

If you have a GFCI outlet, try pushing the reset button. If you have breakers, check to see whether one of them has tripped or if you’ve blown a fuse. Most of the time, flipping the right breaker does the trick (you might have to do some trial and error).

If not, it could be time to call a professional. Any electrical work poses a risk of danger and, if carried out wrong, can cause serious injury. Do not try to handle complex electrical work on your own.

When Your Tap Keeps Dripping
The constant drip of a leaky tap can not only be irritating, but can also result in waste of gallons of water every day. It’s one of the most common reasons people call for a plumber. Before you call a plumber, try tightening or changing the washer on the faucet.

First turn off the water supply to the tap, either underneath the sink or at the main water valve. Proceed to remove the tap’s cover to reveal a nut or screw. It probably just needs tightening, but unscrew it and take a look at the washer.

If it looks worn and needs replacing, just pick a new one up at your local hardware store. If you aren’t comfortable doing this or the leak is more severe, call a plumber.

Locked Door
Door locks get stuck sometimes, and it can be very frightening, especially for children. But you don’t have to break the door down or crawl through a window. Check whether you can talk to someone through the door.

If that fails, check the door handle to see if it has a small hole in the center. If so, use a straightened paper clip to push through the hole and pop the lock on the other side. Alternatively, you can loosen the frame by unscrewing the hinges before you give it a good shove.

When Your Oven Smokes
When food leaks or drips onto the oven floor, chances are your kitchen will fill up with smoke. If the bulk of your food is still cooking, so you can’t turn off the oven, sprinkle the drip with a heavy layer of baking soda. That will stop the smoking, so you can finish cooking.

You can use a dust pan and brush to clear the baking soda and burnt on crust, then clean your oven as usual.

When Your Gutters Overflow
A rainstorm can load up gutters with leaves and branches, causing blockage. Clogged gutters can cause major damage to your home. If the gutter is close to the ground, you can consider clearing it yourself.

Rodents Infestation
If mice, bats, bird mites or other pests are taking up residence in your home, buy an over-the-counter pesticide, and use them in the “hot spots,” where you see the highest concentration of pests.

It could be around window frames, in the backs of cabinets, or near pipes. If the problem persists or the infestation seems to be getting out of hand, call a professional.



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