Five Activities That Can Help You Unwind After A Stressful Day

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The Daily hustle and bustle we face exposes us to serious stressful activities that ensures that many of us reach for a bottle to unwind at the end of the day. However, alcohol and sweets are not just unhealthy, but they also have the tendency to make an already stressful you, worse.

Get loud
Screaming out stress is different than screaming out anger. You don’t have to start yelling at your co-workers, employees, children, or spouse if your aim is to douse a stressful situation.

Stress-screaming on the other hand is a controlled exercise, designed to blow off steam, reducing muscle tension and supporting catharsis. If you don’t have a sound-proof room, find a highly trafficked intersection where you can scream in harmony with traffic without anyone noticing.

Read aloud
We all know reading a good book aloud can help you get into the moment, and remove any sort of negative thoughts from your mind. You can read a children’s book, complete with voice-overs and characterizations, or something you’re totally into such as a romance novel.

A University of Sussex study suggests that reading reduces stress by lowering the heart rate and easing muscle tension which is why reading aloud can be the best way for you to unwind after a stressful situation.

Morning Meditation
Your ability to unwind at the end of the day may actually begin right from the moment you open your eyes. Mindfulness meditation first thing in the morning can help you calm your mind, and eradicate stress before it starts.

Many people find that beginning their day this way helps them start out calm and increases feelings of tranquility and inner strength.

If you can’t begin each day in meditation, building in 15 minutes before or during your commute, lunch break, or right before bed may be just as effective for you in helping you unwind.

Get Sleepy
Hypnosis is some sort of focused daydream, and a way to get your mind back inside the body. You can carry out self-hypnosis if you prefer to try the practice at home. Hypnosis is about ‘hallucinating’ yourself into believing you are in a pleasant place.

You can also hallucinate that you are preparing something that needs to be adjusted, or that you have already achieved a goal you’ve set for yourself. This helps you experience the cascade of relaxation that results from simple, micro-movements. The ultimate goal is to take yourself so deep, that your actual, physical surroundings no longer exist, or have relevance.

Follow Relaxation Through Smell
Experts say the most common scent used for relaxation is lavender. Aromatherapy studies indicate that lavender slows down the nervous system, improving quality of sleep and relaxation.

Aromatherapist recommends rubbing a few drops of lavender oil on your wrists to calm and relax you during the day and doing so before bed can encourage peaceful, soothing sleep to happen quickly.

You can simply dab a few drops of lavender oil at the temples, wrists, and soles of your feet, to induce a deeper, sounder sleep. If you don’t like lavender, you can try vanilla or jasmine, which has a similarly soothing effect.



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