Eight Things You Should Never Ever Leave In Your Car

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The simple truth is that your vehicle is meant to be used for transportation and not for storage. As such, there are certain things you shouldn’t leave in your car, as doing so can hinder your security and health.

If you have personal documents that you plan to destroy, do it as soon as possible. Keeping important files in your car while you run other errands or until you have time to take care of them leaves information vulnerable if anyone breaks into your vehicle.

If they don’t need to be in your car, leave them at home or in the office.

Never ever leave your international passport in the car while travelling, even if it seems like it’s too bulky to carry around. Identity theft is even easier with a passport than with a driver’s license.

A lot of drugs are meant to be stored at room temperature, but the chances of having a car stay at that point is rare, except it is not in use. While heat probably won’t make your drugs directly harmful, they could however become less effective, defeating the purpose of using them in the first place.

Asides the fact that most electronic devices are expensive, gadgets like laptops and cell phones contain information that could be easy to steal. If you’re in a position where you have to store your laptop or phone unattended, ensure that all the information you have on it are encrypted.

Encrypting your files will make it difficult for thieves to view information without a code, separate from the password used to log in to the device. It provides a strong layer of protection and would need someone putting a fair amount of effort to gain access.

The funny thing is that the active ingredients in sunscreen break down in high heat which makes it a bad idea for you to leave it in the car on a hot day. More so, the heat could cause it to explode, leaving you with a hot mess.

Water bottles
While research is a bit unclear, studies have linked BPA and phthalates, chemicals found in plastic water bottles, with health conditions like cancer and heart disease. Allowing a water bottle sit in the sun and heat up could cause these chemicals to mix with the water.

Leaving your handbag, purse or wallet where anyone can see them makes your car a target for thieves, even if you’ve locked your doors or taken the valuables out of your bag. It doesn’t matter if the alarm goes off, as they will most likely grab it.

make use of the sunglasses compartment of your car when driving, but don’t leave your shades in it after you reach your destination. Heat can affect the plastic frames and make metal ones too hot to wear. Leaving your sunglasses on the dashboard is even worse because the windshield could attract sunlight like a magnifying glass.



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