All The Bad Habits Smartphone Users Have That Are Destroying Their Devices

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These days, people barely use their smartphones for more than a year because there are a number of habits that mostly renders our devices useless. The big question is how do you make sure your phone stays up to date for as long as possible? There’s a good chance your own bad habits are slowly damaging your phone over time.

Poor Security
Too many people are quick to throw security to the wind for quick gratification. For instance, software updates as “security” patches that appear on your phone may seem boring and non-urgent, but they can protect your device from malware and other serious issues. Update your apps too, as they’ll often contain similar bug fixes and security updates that keep you safe.

You should also be careful with the apps and tweaks you do install. If you’re trying to pirate paid apps using a sketchy app store, you’re going to have a bad time. Also, be careful of “fake” apps in the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play. Most are riddled with adwares and are designed to mimic popular tools like WhatsApp or VLC.

Keep a close eye on what you download, read the reviews, and make sure it’s the official version of the app you’re looking for. You don’t want malware compromising your phone just because you failed to be vigilant.

Buying Cheap Cables or Handling The Ones You Have Poorly
Many cables of smartphones can permanently damage your device or even put you at risk of fire or electrocution. It is important you buy your phone charger from known brands as it isn’t worth the short-term savings.

The moment you have quality cables, treat them with care. If you abuse them, you can cause the wires inside to fray, which can cause a fire hazard. As such, avoid wrapping your cables so tightly, and yanking them out of the wall from the cord.

Not Using a Phone Case
How many people do you know with a cracked or shattered screen? Probably everyone. We all think you won’t get a cracked screen till it does.

While you may prefer the cleaner look of a caseless phone, it isn’t worth the risk as even small chips and cracks on smartphones can ruin the structural integrity and make large-scale damage more likely.

A good case with a “lip” around the edge is ideal, and a tough screen protector is a good idea, too to provide your phone with the protection it needs.

Draining Your Battery Too Often
Your phone’s battery degrades over time. That means that in a few years, its maximum battery life won’t be as high as it was when you bought it; and if you are an iPhone user, your device may even slow down as the battery degrades.

To avoid this, you should perform regular, shallow discharges, and recharge your phone before it dies or runs down to 0 percent. Don’t worry about charging it overnight, or putting it in the freezer. Just try to keep the battery above 30 percent or so, letting it discharge occasionally to calibrate the sensors, and you’ll keep your battery healthy as long as possible.

Underwater Selfies
There’s no such thing as a truly “waterproof” gadget, despite what some advertising might say. Certain devices may be more water-resistant than others, but there’s always a chance water can find its way inside, and the more you expose your device to water, the more you degrade its resistance.

If your smartphone device is rated IP67 or IP68 (which indicate high levels of water resistance), use in water sparingly. It may not damage your phone right away, but doing it over time and repeatedly exposing smartphones to water, may cause your phone to get destroyed.



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