What Very Organised People Do During Their Weekends That Puts Them A Step Ahead

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Organised people seem to always be a step ahead, simply because they engage in certain activities during their weekends. You can create time for relaxation by scheduling your priorities ahead of time.

Before leaving the office and settling into the weekend, take a few moments to identify your top priority for Monday morning. You can also update your to-do list for the following week and do a clean sweep of your workspace.

By writing these things down ahead of time, you’ll be able to jump right into your work on Monday, and relax over the weekend knowing you’ve got next week’s list ready to go.

They Identify Their Priorities But Leave Room For Spontaneity
Most organised people define their objectives for the weekend but still leave enough room for spontaneity by not scheduling every last minute.

This is important since weekends are not work weeks and should have room for fun. Leave time for essential chores like laundry and grocery shopping, but don’t feel pressure to create a detailed itinerary.

They Create A Clean Slate
Highly organised people remove unnecessary clutter by arranging things. For instance, the kitchen table can get overloaded with random knickknacks, keep it ‘set’ with place mats, napkins, and a center fruit bowl or vase.

When it looks nice, friends and family members are less likely to use it and keep it disorganised.

They Delegate Duties
Wry organised people split tasks between them and their spouses to stay ahead. By doing so, they not only stay ahead but also save time.

They Create Systems That Work
From having a written out recipe of your family’s favourite meals written out, to knowing all your schedules offhand, it is necessary to create a system that specifically works for you.

They Take Time Off
Some highly organized people have said that they gave each day a theme (Monday is for connecting with management, Tuesday for focusing on product, and Wednesday is for marketing and growth). Saturdays could be for hiking and Sunday for reflection, feedback, and strategy.

They Are Abreast With Paperwork
One good way organised people stay Abreast is seeing daily maintenance as a way to keep paper chaos under control. If you’ve already broken that rule, take 15 minutes on the weekend to catch up.

One common habit that bring people stress is holding on to too much paper, avoiding filing it, not labelling folders, not alphabetizing folders, and not maintaining their system.



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