What The Sounds And Chimes That Come On In Airplanes Mean

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If you are one of those that that travels in airplanes frequently, you will most likely have gotten used to the various sounds that emanates from aeroplanes.

If you are one of those that are curious, you may have wondered what the different sounds and chimes mean.

You actually should pay more attention to the sounds because the dings and pings will typically let you know when you should stay seated and when you can move around the cabin.

However, airline crews also use the sounds to communicate with each other. The chimes from airplanes serve as some sort of “Morse code” for the captain and flight attendants “to alert each other to any issues that may be going on.

Low Ding-dong Sound
For some airlines, if a high-low ding-dong chime sound comes on, the airline staff are probably trying to get each other’s attention.

There is nothing to worry about this sound as such calls are usually made for non-emergencies, like checking to see if the other side of the cabin has refreshments like soda or pretzel refills.

Triple Low Chime
On the other hand, if an airplane captain or crew members use a triple low chime, it stands for priority messages. It could be used to warn the flight attendants of bumpy skies ahead.

That way, they can begin locking up their snack carts before the announcement is made to the rest of the passengers.

You should however note that no two airlines use the same chiming system; and the ones described above is just the standard one recommended.

On some airplanes, two airplane chimes on a flight may signal that the plane is approaching 10,000 feet. Three or more chimes could indicate that there is a sick passenger in need of medical attention. And one chime can warn flight attendants of turbulence ahead—or that the plane captains would like a cup of coffee.

Whatever the chimes and sounds may be, know that airline crews take a safety as a top priority and air travel remains the safest means of transportation.



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