The Best Ways To Look For A Job While You’re Still Engaged By Another

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It is hard enough that you have to put in so much to put together a winning resume and cover letter, scroll through job adverts and appear at interviews but it is even harder to do these things while you’re already employed.

Here are a number of tips that can help you look for a job while you’re still engaged at another company.

Research The Organisation
Since you’re employed already, you most likely know what works for you and what doesn’t. Knowing this alone might help you find a job that’s a good fit, but it can also help youstreamline your job search.

Pick a day you’re free or take a day off from work to get yourself organized. Work on your resume again to reflect the accomplishments you’d like to highlight and remember to update your LinkedIn profile.

Select a few places where you think you’d like to work, and search the job listings on their website. Reach out to any colleagues or friends who may work there to get the inside scoop and remember to check employee reviews and salaries.

Keep Your Search Off Social Media
Never post the fact that you are on a job search on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media accounts you may use.

Even if you’re not connected with anyone from work, if your profile is public (or even private), people can see that you’re actively looking for a job, and it could get back to people from your office.

Doing so can start rumours that you’re searching for a job, and you definitely don’t want anyone, especially your boss, to find out from someone else, especially from your Twitter feed.

Be Cautious
If you don’t want your current company to find out that you’re in the market for a job, expressly request of any potential employers, whether in your cover letter or an interview, to not contact your current employer.

They will probably respect this decision, but may not know to keep quiet unless you specifically ask. Be prepared to provide other references who can attest to your skills and strengths.

Separate Things
Perhaps the most important thing is to keep your job hunt separate from your current work. You shouldn’t let the search interfere with your responsibilities at work and don’t look for jobs while you’re working. Also try to schedule interviews for before or after work.

Furthermore, never use a computer from work to search job listings, because all that activity can be traced. Your work computer is property of the company, so they have access to everything on it.

Prepare Your Answers
You will most probably get asked why you want to leave your current job and you should be ready to provide answers. You shouldn’t bad-mouth your boss or the company or complain about dynamics that could easily be a problem of your own creation.

Provide positive answers, even if truthfully, the answers are negative. Be sure to prepare a list of questions to ask in your job interview, and have answers to these tricky job interview questions ready as well.

Be Honest If You Get Caught
While you may be trying to keep your job search quiet, if your current employer confronts you about it, be honest. The worst that can happen is that you will jeopardize your current position.

It may however present an opportunity for you and your boss to have a frank discussion about what could make the job a better fit for you, and who knows, you just may end up getting a salary increase or other job perks that may make you want to stay.



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