The Best Answers To Six Tricky Questions At Job Interviews

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Interview questions can be tricky to say the least and knowing how to answer them can determine whether you get the job you desire or not.

What Are Your Greatest Strengths And Weaknesses?
This is perhaps the most common job interview questions, and also one of the most challenging. For strengths, keep in mind that every company needs people who can do three things well: earn revenue; save money; and save time.

For weaknesses, avoid admitting to character flaws. Your “weakness” can be skill-related and past tense: “I wasn’t good with PowerPoint when I first started, but I read a great book, practiced, and became very proficient. Now I train others in PowerPoint presentations.”

Any time you can demonstrate how you overcame a weakness, you score better points. You can give general answers in which you can plug perceived strengths: “I am passionate about my work and always give each task my all. So sometimes when I see others loafing, I can get frustrated.”

How Did You Progress Through Your Last Company
A good question particularly if the interviewers are looking for a candidate to promote. It is best to bring up your personal and business traits here.

Be very complimentary of the company you work for, by mentioning how superb their training was and how fortunate you were to get mentors there.

Focus on the promotions by title as a result of dedicated hard work and outstanding accomplishments with outright genius. If you haven’t been formally promoted, mention a few new challenges you’ve faced and how you’ve overcome them.

How Long Do You Intend To Stay With Our Company?
This is a good question to get asked; as it implies that the interviewer is thinking of offering you the job. It can however be tricky and you shouldn’t take the bait. You can answer by saying “I would hope to have a great career with this company.

I respond well to direction and am always looking to learn. I define success as being ready when an opportunity arises. How long do you think I’d be challenged here?”

Describe How You Do A Major Project
This question offers you a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you are a business manager who can identify and solve problems.

Responding with “I believe in effective strategic planning that involves both forward thinking (in other words, what resources will I need?) and backward thinking (for example, if the deadline is the end of the quarter, what steps need to be made and at what time to achieve a successful outcome?)” would offer a perfect opportunity for the interviewer to assess your strengths.

How Do You Handle Stress?
The best way to answer this question is to deflect it. You can say, “I avoid stress by careful time management. There are only so many hours in a given day, so I try to maximize my time by setting effective goals. Personally, I exercise regularly, eat right, and get adequate sleep. I think this helps alleviate stress.”

What Do You Love And Hate About Your Present Job?
You will probably catch the interviewer wincing just after asking this question, hoping you don’t blurt out a negative answer. Even if your current company is terrible, don’t tell the interviewer.

He or she is actually looking for you to give a positive response. Say, “As you know, I wasn’t looking and am doing well in my current job. I love the training and the culture.

Our products and services are superb. My boss is supportive and a great teacher. But the company is small and there isn’t much room for me to grow, so I’m concerned about my future security.

But regardless of my company’s security, both this opportunity and your company seem ideal to me.”

If the reverse is the case, say, “I’m looking for a smaller company where I can make a big difference.” Be upbeat about all your experiences and shift gears to show how applicable your training is to the job for which you are interviewing.



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