Ten Tips That Can Help You Reduce How Much You Spend On Electricity

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There are a number of commonsense tips and high-tech devices, that can help you reduce the cost you spend on electricity. it’s never been easier to lower your energy bills— if you know the exact things to do.

Unplug Devices Not In Use
Some devices constantly draw electricity even when they’re turned off or not in use. You can eliminate such phantom loads simply by unplugging your devices. You can make use of smart power strips that can be set to turn off at specific times of the day or during periods of inactivity.

Use Energy-efficient LED Lighting
Did you know that LED light bulbs can use up to 90 percent less energy than standard light bulbs?

While they cost more upfront than ordinary bulbs, but in addition to saving you money on your electric bill, they last about 15 times longer so you won’t have to spend money replacing them.

Some LED bulbs, have an average lifespan of 25,000 hours. That means if you keep one on for three hours each day, you won’t have to replace the bulb for nearly 20 years.

Plant Trees
Planting leafy trees and tall shrubs on the south-facing side of your house to block some of the direct sunlight from the sun or even having window boxes with flowers can help.

Be sure that there are no bushes blocking air flow around your AC unit, because it will have to work harder and longer to cool your house if overgrown shrubs are restricting the airflow.

Make Your Windows More Efficient
If you have some money to spare, you can replace your old windows with energy efficient ones. It is a worthwhile investment that will add value to your home.

A lower-cost option is to install window film that blocks out the sun’s heat, to lower the demand on your cooling system.

Turn Your Lights Off
The cost to light your home accounts for about 20 percent of your electric bill. If you’re guilty of always leaving the lights on, you may want to consider getting a smart light switch like ecobee Switch+ that will automatically turn off your lights a few minutes after you leave a room. You can also use them to turn on your lights, so you don’t have to come home to a completely dark house.

Use Fans Strategically
Fans keep you cool by creating a wind chill effect. The movement of air over your skin evaporates moisture on your skin’s surface. This pulls heat away from your body, creating a cooling effect for you.

On days when it’s too hot to simply open a window and turn on your ceiling fan, you can still save money by running it with your air conditioning.

Pairing the two will allow you to set your thermostat approximately 4 degrees warmer than usual. This will help to reduce your energy bills without reducing your comfort level.



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