Seven Things You Should Stop Doing In Your Bedroom

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Whether you are with a new partner or the love of your life, there are certain things you shouldn’t do in your bedroom if you intend to be happy.

Never Assume You Have All The Moves
It’s basically impossible to know all the desires of your partner immediately. Everyone has personal preferences, and by working to understand what your partner prefers, can help you build a more fulfilling physical and emotional relationship.

Don’t Make Your Space Negative
Avoid bringing your anger and resentments to the bedroom because when you do, you turn a space for pleasure into a battleground. And if it escalates, it could lead to one partner withholding sex as punishment.

If you’re upset with your partner, work it out in another room or put it off until the next day. Going to sleep angry once won’t end your relationship. Your sex life can however change when you associate the bedroom with negative experiences.

Don’t Bring Up Your Ex
Your partner definitely doesn’t want to hear about your prior sexcapades while on a date, especially when things are heating up—even if it might seem like a good way to boast about your skills.

Everyone’s sexual tastes are different, so what worked with an old partner is not guaranteed to work with a new partner. And even if it does, no one’s going to enjoy imagining your doing it with someone else.

Everyone likes to think that their partners were delivered to them brand new and untouched by others. Positive sexual talk of exes destroys all of this.

Don’t Be Shy To Share Your Fantasies
A lot of men and women are focused on the sex or foreplay they’re not getting instead of talking about what they want. You should however not ask for anything that’s outside the comfort zone of your partner. Trying something new should be exciting, not unsafe or uncomfortable.

Don’t Fake It
Opt for honesty instead of flatter. Use the anti-climax as an opportunity to discover how your partner can better satisfy you in bed. If you’re concerned that your partner might be putting on a show for your benefit, talk about it, rather than being embarrassed.

Don’t Feel Pressured To Have Sex
A popular myth is that couples who have sex several times a week are generally happier than their less-sexually active counterparts. While having sex once a week will likely strengthen your bond, any more than that will probably not improve your well-being.

If you start to feel pressure to have sex but you’re not into it, take 15 minutes to make out, give massages, take a shower together. Appreciate being physical without the pressure of sex.

Don’t Bring Stress At Work To The Bedroom
Maybe you got into a fight at work or with your best friend—whatever is the cause of your stress, don’t bring it to the bedroom. Studies have shown that people, particularly women, need to be able to shut down their brains in order to experience arousal.

That doesn’t mean that if you’re preoccupied with work sex is completely off the table. Fantasy could be a helpful way to detach from the events of the day and tune in instead to time with your partner.



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