Seven Foods You’re Probably Thrashing Earlier Than You Should

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A lot of people have no idea of how to determine when some of the foods they have, have gone bad and this makes them thrash edible food earlier than they should. There are however a number of foods that you shouldn’t consider thrashing early simply because of their incredible lifespans.

Deli meats
Deli meats that are unopened and prepackaged last about two to three weeks from the time you purchase them. The vacuum-sealed pouches protect meat from oxygen, preventing bacteria growth. After opening, eat deli meats within three to five days.

These crunchy vegetables have a low respiration rate, which is how fast a plant metabolizes its carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to stay alive after harvest. Carrots stay fresh for two to three weeks in the crisper drawer. All you need to do is cut off the green tops, which steal nutrients.

Dried pasta
If you cook and eat it after some years, chances are it may lose a bit of flavour, but unopened dried pasta is edible indefinitely.

Canned or dried beans
They are usually ready to cook even if they’ve been stashed in the corners of your store for years. While your dried beans may need a bit more soaking after long periods of time, it definitely still remains edible.

The high acidity acts as a natural preservative that prevents germ growth. As such, vinegar can also last indefinitely. In some varieties other than white distilled, the colour may change or cloudiness may develop after time. This however, doesn’t affect the taste or quality.

Salt is essentially a stone. Just as granite won’t become infested with mold and bacteria, neither will your favorite edible condiment.

Due to its high alcohol content, vanilla can remain edible indefinitely, although the flavour and aroma will be best within five years.

It is best to keep it away from light and heat, but do not refrigerate, even after opening, or the extract will be damaged.

Refrigerated, uncooked eggs stay fresh for up to three weeks after the “sell by” date. A lot of eggs are spritzed with mineral oil, which seals the porous shell and makes it less susceptible to bacteria. Since cooking washes away the coating, it is best to eat refrigerated hard-boiled eggs within a week.

All peppers contain a gene that prevents their cell structures from breaking down and typically last a week in the refrigerator. Green peppers stay fresh even longer than other kinds—about two to three weeks—because of their low sugar content.



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