Seven Foods You Should Never Store In The Refrigerator Because Of Spoilage

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You may be one of those persons that sees it as second nature to store every single one of your food produce or groceries in the refrigerator but have you ever stopped to think that maybe not all foods belong in there? The fact is some foods actually stays fresher at room temperature.

Wondering which foods should be kept away from the refrigerator? Here are seven foods you should keep away to avoid spoilage.

Whole Watermelons
Storing whole melons in the refrigerator can cut the number of antioxidants in half. Some studies found that watermelons at room temperature develop nearly double the levels of compounds like beta-carotene (which promotes healthy skin and eyesight) than do refrigerated melons.

Cool air stunts the antioxidant growth that occurs after harvest. As such, it is best for you to chill sliced melons to prevent bacterial growth.

storing this tropical plant is stored below 20 degrees centigrade will turn black quickly. As such, it is best you keep on the counter in a shady place. You can also fill a glass with water and submerge the stems. Place a zip-top plastic bag over the plant to allow it to breathe and stay moist.

Cold temperatures convert potato starch into sugar. This results in a gritty texture and a slightly sweet flavour. It is best to store them in a cool, dark place or in a paper bag. Sunlight causes chlorophyll to accumulate, turning potatoes green and sometimes bitter.

Onions are vegetables that need air circulation to stay fresh. Store whole onions in a hole-punched paper bag. Don’t keep them near potatoes because onions emit gas and moisture that can cause potatoes to spoil quickly. You can however refrigerate chopped onions.

Cool air alters the chemical pathways in tomatoes, slowing those that contribute to fresh flavour and accelerating others that dull flavours. Store whole tomatoes on your kitchen counter for more delicious taste.

The moisture in your fridge causes the beans to deteriorate, meaning you aren’t getting the fresh, bold flavour you desire from your coffee.

More so, the fact that the temperature fluctuates every time you open the door to your fridge, affects the coffee because condensation occurs, which in turn creates even more moisture. Stash your coffee beans in an airtight container instead.

Put your garlic bulbs in a ventilated container to allow moisture in, and stash it in a cool place. Storing it in the refrigerator will only accelerate spoilage.



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