Nigerian Model Stabbed To Death By Rival After Instagram Feud Over A Girl

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Nigerian Model Stabbed To Death By Rival After Instagram Feud Over A Girl

Nigerian Model Stabbed To Death By Rival After Instagram Feud Over A Girl

A Nigerian model who worked for top brands including Zara and Mercedes was stabbed to death after a row on Instagram with a fellow model over a woman, a jury has heard.

Harry Uzoka, 25, was murdered by a rival model, George Koh, 24, after being taunted that his killer had slept with his model girlfriend, the court heard.

The Old Bailey was informed that Uzoka called Koh “a fake” on Instagram and arranged a fight after finding out Mr Koh had claimed to have had sex with Mr Uzoka’s model girlfriend, Ruby Campbell.

The alleged victim, who was known as “H”, arrived for the confrontation on January 11 after recruiting his flatmate, Adrian Harper. The jury heard that both men were armed with dumbbell bars.

But while Mr Uzoka and his companion came armed with dumbbell bars, Mr Koh’s group took at least three knives, including a machete, the court heard.

“It is not difficult to work out which side won. Uzoka and Harper were outnumbered and bars stand little chance against knives,” prosecutor Richard Horwell QC told the hearing on Monday.

Mr Koh’s team set out to “cause serious injury”, he said.

Mr Uzoka and Mr Harper ran off when they realised they were confronted with knives, but only Mr Harper got away, the court heard.

The prosecutor told the court Mr Koh, who “was also a model but not as successful as Uzoka”, had “something of an obsession” with Mr Uzoka, but that “admiration for another model and his success had turned to contempt”.

Horwell QC added: “Harry Uzoka was a well known and successful model with a bright future ahead of him.

“This celebrity status is relevant because it is that part of his life that brought him into contact with George Koh.

“Koh was also a model, but not as successful as Uzoka, they were occupational acquaintances but certainly not friends.

“Koh claimed that he knew Uzoka well and said that he had had sex with Uzoka’s girlfriend and that was the reason why the two men no longer talked.”

The court was also informed that Mr Koh tried to delete his account and asked his mobile phone company to change his number.

But three days after the stabbing, Mr Koh handed himself in to police and told officers that he had acted in self defence after being “knocked to the ground” by Mr Uzoka and “had no intention” to stab him in the chest.

In a prepared statement, he told police: “I feared that he would kill me or cause me serious injury.

“I was on the floor when he fell on to me. I maintain that my actions were reasonable given the circumstances.”

Jurors heard Mr. Uzoka’s girlfriend, Ruby Campbell, was also a model and was out of the country working first in Los Angeles and then in Sweden.

The trial continues…



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