Music: R Kelly – I Admit Review

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On Monday, the 23rd of July 2018 R. Kelly released a 19-minute song. Let the ludicrousness of that sink in, but then again, are we really surprised? I mean, he did drag “Trapped in the Closet,” out for three parts, 33 “chapters,” and a total of 7 years, and I won’t lie, it was an actual bop.

Here we are in 2018, with a 19 minutes song and all I can say is ; I want my 19 minutes back, more than ever when it’s a defensive musical retort to the nominal penalty he’s had to face in the wake of all the allegations of sexual abuse made against him.

Accused of running an “abusive and controlling cult” of young women,  of grooming a 14-year-old girl to be his “sex pet”, and not to mention giving a woman an STD and plying her with drugs and alcohol when she was 19, there’s been a lot of controversy for R Kelly to answer to in recent months and years.

While painting himself as a heartbreaking figure accused and targeted wrongly, he also sings about loving “older and young ladies” and says his alleged victims were eager participants in his “escapades”, he thumbs his nose at his accusers, their parents, the people who believe them, the journalist who has covered their stories , including a 2017 Buzzfeed article that detailed the harsh conditions of a “sex cult” that Kelly has allegedly subjected multiple women to , and the people who have organized to have his huge platform dismantled.

Kelly does indeed make a lot of admissions in the song, just mostly not what I was  expecting,  “I admit I done made some mistakes,” he starts off the track, saying, or rather,  sorry “admitting” that he has “some imperfect ways“. He then goes on to admit that he dropped out of school, doesn’t go to church and acknowledges that he’s both “a gift and a curse“.

The first verse isn’t just miscellaneous admission though, Kelly also confesses to having “fucked with a couple of fans“, “fucked my girlfriend’s best friend“, as well as having slept with his best friend’s girlfriend.

In truth, it was a laughably pathetic attempt to reach out to what’s left of his audience, and like I said, I would like my 19 minutes back.

What are your thoughts ?

  R- Kelly - I Admit (17.8 MiB, 5,551 hits)



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