360Spotlight: Have You Seen The GLO Commercial by SO&U Everyone is Talking About?

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A peculiar thing about us as Africans is our passion. It shows in literally everything we do; our dance, our talk, and of course our football. The beautiful thing is that we are not afraid or shy to express, indulge and enjoy our passion. Perhaps that is why the GLO ‘Indulge Your Passion’ ad hits home.

Set to connect with the world cup season, the ad shows us what we love most about our dance, our energetic moves and most of all our facial expression when we dance.

In our facial expression, you can almost see tales of our history, our joy and passion. Perhaps that is what makes African dance beautiful and interesting to watch. It’s always an all or nothing situation, you either pour it all out on the dance floor or you don’t. You either go big or you go home

Just when we think we’ve had enough, the ad by creative powerhouse, SO&U Limited, draws a connection between our dance and our football. It easily wins hearts.

The connection was well woven because like on the dance floor, when we are on the field, we pour it all out, we succumb to our fear and passion.

In spite of our loses, we don’t back out, perhaps because we don’t know how to. Though we have never won a world cup, we come out every season, and play with so much energy and passion.

It takes great insight to see and draw such a connection especially when we didn’t even think there was one, but to capture the heat, passion and energy that we are about takes hard work and dedication.

To see SO&U do this for GLO is an indication that they invest in finding creative solutions that resonate with target audiences.

Watch the GLO Commercial by SO&U

Here are some beautiful screen clips from the commercial

Glo-tvc-football Glo-tvc-football-2018 Glo-tvc-football-2018 glo-tvc-so-u-nigeria

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