Is Timaya Shaking Tables? – “Baby Daddies Better Fathers Than Lot Of Husbands”

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Is Timaya Shaking Tables? - “Baby Daddies Are Better Fathers Than Lot Of Husbands”

Is Timaya Shaking Tables? – “Baby Daddies Better Fathers Than Lot Of Husbands”

There’s no gainsaying that quite a number of married men wouldn’t take for granted a statement credited to popular hip hop star, Ebitimi Odom, better known by the stage name, Timaya, where he was quoted to have said that “baby daddies are better fathers than lot of husbands.”

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According to a report published on Saturday by The Punch, the ‘Dem mama’ crooner fondly nicknamed Egberi Papa by his teeming fans, who spoke exclusively with the news outlet, thinks “while many young men, who became fathers by impregnating their unmarried lovers show more care to babies produced through such copulations, many married men lacked the capacity to show love or affection to their children.”

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He further said that “beyond what many people actually think, baby daddies, as men, who father children without having married the mothers are often referred to, have proven to be better than those that had consummated their unions.”

His words: “People fail to understand that a lot of baby daddies are better fathers than a lot of husbands. The kind of role I play in my children’s life, I don’t think some husbands do that.

“I have time for my children, I love my children but some married men don’t even have time for their kids. They don’t show their kids love, they don’t know what it means to be a father. It doesn’t have anything to do with money; it’s about love and attention.

“Even my daughter sometimes wonders why I make babies if I was not ready to get married yet but I tell her that if I don’t make babies then she won’t be born.

“My life is in stages, I don’t think I want to get married now. It is not something I would want to venture into for now.”



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