Is It Good To Store Butter And Margarine In The Refrigerator?

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Butter and margarine are some of the foods that plenty of us can’t do with out. They both have the ability to make bland bread become very good and palatable.

However, cutting from a hard piece of butter which has been refrigerated is not a good experience not only because it is difficult to spread, but also because it can ruin your breakfast. can make even the blandest piece of toast taste good.

As such, this is because it brings to the fore the big question of whether it is best to keep your butter out of the refrigerator so that you can easily spread it on your toast in the morning and get out the door?

Chances are you’re thinking that butter and margarine are product derivatives of dairy, which makes it difficult for you to leave on your kitchen counter or any other place. The good news however is that you’re wrong! You absolutely don’t need to refrigerate your butter. Butter and margarine are the only dairy foods that are safe to keep in a cool and dry place when there is a power outage.

You might want to ask why milk can’t be stored anywhere outside the fridge but butter can. The fact is both are actually made very differently and that makes butter much less likely to attract bacteria.

Butter is about 80 percent fat, which makes its water content much lower and therefore less likely to have bacteria when left out.

Furthermore, butter is also often made with pasteurized milk, which makes it less prone to bacterial growth. The salt in your butter also prevents bacteria growth—but, if you have unsalted butter, it’s best kept in the fridge.

Provided you keep it in an airtight container, or in a butter tray with a top it will stay good for about a week. The most important thing is not expose it to oxygen or light. Only leave a small amount of butter out at a time so you don’t have to throw away what you don’t use after a week.

So, there you have it, there is no need for you to refrigerate your margarine. You can say goodbye to the hard task of trying to spread ice cold butter on your bread and toast every morning. Now your breakfast can be made in a flash.



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