How To Properly Store Things In Your Kitchen

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People that live in condominiums or relatively small apartments can relate to the struggle of keeping everything in their kitchen well placed. No matter how small your kitchen is, you can create shelves that can withstand the new loads they will have to bear.

Struggling with storage space in your kitchen? Here are a number of ways to properly to store things.

Wine In A Cabinet
Take out the shelves from an existing cabinet. However, first ensure that the cabinet is far away from a source of heat or cooking appliance.

In place of the shelves, install two pieces of plywood, each slotted halfway through and assembled diagonally so that they form an X. Each quarter of the cabinet can then hold bottles lying horizontally.

Avoid Nesting
Stacking pots or mixing bowls within each other can help you save space, but it takes too much time to dig them out when any item except the one on top is needed. Instead, store containers where they can be grasped immediately.

Place Things Properly
Be creative when it comes to stocking kitchen cabinets. You don’t have to store all the cookware in the same place. Stash your cooking pot and any other pot routinely filled with water near the sink instead of the stove.

Follow A Custom Fit
You can paint several small shutters, hinge them together, and hide any of your appliances behind them.

Light As Appropriate
In a tall, deep pantry closet, a door-operated switch might be the most convenient and ideal. This device ensures the light automatically comes on when the door is opened. It comes in handy especially when your hands are full, since the closing door hits the button and automatically switches off the light.

Number Your Items
Number-code those pile-ups of plastic container tops and bottoms so they can be put together in a flash.

Use The Lids
If pot and pan lids are creating a mess in a cabinet, you can use a towel rack on the back of the cabinet door and organize the lids in a nice neat row.

Drawer Space
Free up drawer space by placing aluminum foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap under the sink or beneath an upper cabinet in a tilt-out drawer. Put utensils in a large heavy pitcher rather than in a jumble in the drawer.

Bag Things
You can stuff those plastic fruit and vegetable bags that you get on your visit to the market into an empty paper towel tube. The tube looks a lot neater than a pile of bags, and you’ll be surprised at how many it holds.



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