Here Are All The Ways To Crack An Egg That Will Leave You Without A Mess

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One task that makes bakers and people that make use of eggs regularly, crinkle, is the sometimes arduous expectation of cracking an egg without leaving a mess. Here are all the ways you can crack an egg without leaving a mess.

Beginners: Crack on the Countertop
This is the most basic method and there is no shame in following it. All you need do is imagine that the egg is standing upright. The middle or equator of the egg, where it might wear a belt, is its weakest point. You want to target this area when cracking.

Gently grasp the egg and rap it against the countertop, so its side lands squarely against the surface. Give it one sharp tap than several gentle, tentative cracks.

Multiple hits can increase the risk of shattering the shell into lots of small pieces. You ideally want one larger split. Avoid overdoing it. Smashing the egg too hard can crush the shell, which may wind you up with shell in your egg.

Intermediate: Hit 2 Eggs Together
You can display simple physics to impress your friends and family. In this method, you’re going to crack one egg by hitting it against another without one breaking.

Hold an egg in each hand. Tap the eggs together (again, tap at the equator, where it’s easiest to break the egg). One egg will be cracked. As before, use your fingers to split open the eggshell, then pour the yolk and white out into a bowl.

Once you’ve cracked all your eggs but one, crack the final egg against the countertop.

Advanced: 1-Handed Egg Crack
This method requires some form of expertise. It is the most satisfying but not the cleanest. More so, it has a higher likelihood of dropping shell into your bowl. If that happens, remember to use one of your shell halves to scoop out the pieces for easier collection.

Hold the egg in one hand. Position your fingers so your thumb and index finger are on one side of the equator, and your middle and ring fingers are on the other. You will need to pull your hand apart to open the egg, so this hold is important.

Immediately pull the eggshell apart using your thumb and middle finger. Use a smooth, sure motion, and the egg will come out of its shell.

With this technique, practice makes perfect, and if you are a Baker that makes a lot of cakes, you might one day be able to crack an egg in each of your hands at once.



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