Having Problems Declutting Your Wardrobe? Here Are Ten Things To Remove Immediately

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You may have experienced the problem of a full wardrobe where you basically have no space to put your other fashion Essentials. Not to worry, as we have compiled a list of ten things for you to remove to create space in your wardrobe.

White T-shirts With Yellowed Armpits
If you’ve tried to bleach the yellow stains on your collars and armpits out and it hasn’t worked, toss the shirt and replace it with something fresh.

Clothes That Don’t Fit
Don’t put pressure on yourself to fit into your old clothing. You should consider giving them out and replacing.

Old Pyjamas
When you look good, you feel good, both on the clock and after hours. Let go of your sweatpants and invest in a cozy matching pajama set in silk or cotton. This will not only last for years but you will also feel very comfortable whenever you go to bed.

The Dress You’ve Worn Endless Times To Events
If that dress that has stood the test of time is giving you outfit fatigue, take it to the consignment shop and trade it in for a new option, or hand it down to someone who might be looking for a replacement dress in her own closet.

Expired Makeup
Go through your junk drawer and chances are you will find expired makeup and certain other unnecessary things. Is there anything past its prime? Anything you wouldn’t dream of putting on your skin? Anything that looks nice but you have obviously changed to a different brand? Then take them out and dump in the thrash can.

Stuffs From Your Ex
You could consider sending gifts you received from your ex back, giving them out or throwing them away altogether.

Worn-out Bras
Most bras lose their shape and should be replaced after about a year. This is because a well-fitting bra is the foundation for a great outfit. More so, your bra should make you feel comfortable and confident. Replace the ones that do anything less.

Wire Hangers From The Drycleaners
The hangers you get for free won’t do your clothes any good. Take dry-cleaned garments out of the plastic so they can breathe. Alternatively, you can invest in wooden or cushioned hangers with a bar for folding pants and clamps to hold skirts.

Free Branded T-shirts
A collection of free branded T-shirts that you got from participating in things that you probably won’t miss when they are gone, should be removed from your wardrobe immediately.

For T-shirts that really do hold sentimental value, consider crafting them into wall art or pillowcases.

Fake Designer Bags
Those fake designer bags you have are probably not fooling anyone. Find a style you love that’s within your price range. If you are one of those that labels are important to, you may want to consider investing in a classic black bag, a tan or white one, and a black cross-body.



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