Have A Busy Life? This Is How You Can Sneak In Meditation And Mindfulness

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Life can be sometimes overwhelming and you are so busy that you do not have time for meditation. However, meditation is the perfect way to slow down and find balance. Here, are expert recommenced ticks that can help you to be more mindful.

Try Eating Alone Sometimes
Eating alone without people or your phone, tablet, or a book creates real awareness. This can help you notice things more such as the taste and texture of your food. More so, doing this also helps digestion and portion control.

Take A Walk
Sometimes the best way to be more mindful is to slow down is to unplug from the digital world including your phone, social media, and email and taking in your surroundings. Running is also a great way to unplug.

Try Meditation In The Morning
Meditation suggests you really wake before getting out of bed, which means sitting up and taking in your surroundings. Notice the lighting, the temperature, and more importantly, how you feel.

Close or lower your eyes for a few breaths—for a few minutes—and rest your attention on the sensations of your body breathing

Take A Deep Breath When You Walk Through Doors
You most likely walk through a lot of doors each day and one of the best ways to engage in meditation is to breath every time you walk through the door.

This forces you to look around, see where you are, and again brings focus into your daily life. Moments as such helps you reduce stress and steady your mind.

Write It Down
Write things down in Post-It notes and stick it around your house. It could be something as simple as how appreciative you are of being alive and well. Taking a moment to be mindful and aware of yourself and the things around you counts as meditating.

Observe Your Breathing
You can do this anywhere. Take a moment to sit up tall with both feet on the floor, hands in your lap. Take a deep breath in through your nose counting to three, then let it out through your nose counting to three. Take another breath in counting to four, let it out counting to four.

Repeat this pattern using a five count. You can take as many breaths as you like, but three mindful breaths can go a long way towards making you feel less stressed and more at ease.

Stop Worrying
This one is easier said than done. However, worrying is one thing that can bring down your meditation. Worrying that you won’t do your meditation right, is the only thing you can do wrong. Let yourself relax and enjoy the moment.



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