Four Thriller 2018 Movies You Should Find Time To Watch

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the rider movie

2018 has so far been a good year for superhero, action and horror movies. It has also been looking good for thriller movies, even as movie houses have basically raised their acts for the big screens.


november movie
This movie is set in the wintry landscape of 19th century Estonia and is a loose adaptation of Andrus Kivirähk’s 2000 novel “Rehepapp ehk November” (Old Barny aka November).

It’s a bizarre and beautiful world of werewolves, spirits (including a personification of the Black Death), Christ, and “kratts” –– mythological “helpers”, scarecrow-like in appearance, made of bones and rusting farm tools that assist the peasantry in a myriad of ways.

The movie set in the icy snowscape follows a farmer girl named Liina (Rea Lest) who has eyes for a local lad named Hans (Jörgen Liik), who himself is besmitten with the unattainable aristocratic daughter (Jette Loona Hermanis) of the resident Baron. As the two evoke dangerous and double-edged mythical powers to quell their heart’s desires, the resultant tragedy can only be imagined.

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn

an evening with beverly luff linn movie
Jim Hosking is the mind behind this comic thriller. The story follows an Lulu Danger (Plaza) who is annoyed and outraged by her domestic life. She soon finds herself smitten with an incredibly inept hired gun named Colin Keith Threadener (Clement) and plots a reunion with a mysterious tub of guts from her past, the eponymous Beverly Luff Linn (Robinson).

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn is time well spent for adventurous audiences with fittingly strange sensibilities and a love of the surreal.

The Rider

the rider movie
Chloé Zhao is in the directors chair for this movie and it comes off as a heart-piercing and elegiac portrait of life. Set and shot in the sun-scorched badlands of South Dakota, USA, Brady Blackburn (Brady Jandreau) is instantly compelling and utterly convincing as a once rising star in the rodeo circuit, who sadly suffered brain damage from an accident at a bull-riding competition.

Now prone to seizures, and having been warned by doctors he can no longer ride, Brady finds solace and strength through his younger brother Tanner (Tanner Langdeau), who is now a resident in a care facility after suffering severe brain damage from a stunt similar to the one that affected Brady, too.

Double Lover

double lover movie
Chloé (Marine Vacth) is a fragile and susceptible young woman, who falls for her psychoanalyst, Paul (Jérémie Renier). Soon she’s moving in with him, but begins to suspect he may be concealing something from her. Is it another side of his personality, or something altogether more problematic?

This movie is an inspired adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’s 1987 “Lives of Twins” which embraces the idea that we’re all potentially very multifaceted when it comes to desire and it definitely will be worth your time.



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