Eight Tips That Can Help You Travel Stress-free By Air

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This guide can help you have a stress-free travel by air, right from the moment you book your tickets, to getting to the air port, boarding and alighting.

Fly On Off-peak Days
For a calmer journey, it is best to fly on Wednesdays, followed by Tuesdays and Saturdays. These are off-peak days that have cheaper ticket prices and will also make you find spots with more legroom, power outlets, and other amenities easily.

Pack A Night Before
Finish packing a night before. You can save an online packing g cheat to make sure you have a checklist of all you need. Charge your cell phone—and a portable charger, if you have one, and place snacks in a carry-on bag.

Consider checking for the latest security restrictions, so you won’t have to surrender that bottle of chocolate almond milk you were so going to relish drinking.

Get To The Airport Early
Plan to arrive at the airport 2 hours before a domestic flight or 3 hours before an international flight to bypass the stress of traffic, long lines, and unforeseen circumstances.

Find A Spot To Cool Off
Find a cool spot at the airport to relax. Snack on light food, if you must. If your airport has style, you could consider shopping or browsing the bookstore, nursing a green juice or smoothie at a café, or getting a massage or other express spa service before heading to your gate.

Fight Germs
Research has shown that colds are 100 times more likely to spread on a plane than on the ground, especially during flu season, when half the people on the plane are either recovering from a virus or just about to get one.

As such, wipe down armrests with alcohol wipes, aim the overhead air vent away from your face and keep your mitts off the magazines in the seat pocket. Wash your hands every 30 minutes to reduce the spread of germs.

Stretch Out
You can help avoid blood clots and even swollen ankles by pointing and flexing your feet every so often and getting up to pace every half-hour to an hour.

You can try to alternate by bending your knees and rising up onto your toes to boost circulation throughout the legs.

Calm Your Nerves
If turbulence is freaking you out and the distraction of movies and music don’t help, remind yourself: Turbulence is not a safety risk.

You can calm yourself by closing your eyes and imagine the warm, relaxed energy you feel when you’re smiling. Take a deep breath and feel the positive energy spread from head to toe.

This exercise activates a hormone cascade that releases stress almost instantly. Alternately touch your thumb to the tips of each finger for a few seconds or longer, from index to pinky. Do it with both hands simultaneously.

Re-set Your System
Adjust your circadian rhythm by hopping onto local time immediately. This could mean you have to skip a meal or delaying it for some time. You can also reinforce your new schedule by getting up and out in the sun in the morning for at least 25 minutes.

Breathe the fresh air, bask in the sunshine, and express a positive intention for a happy, healthy day. Also, you can try popping a few barley sugar candies into your mouth to quell your jet lag.



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