Eight Mistakes You Should Avoid Making On Your CV

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Your CV us the material that gives a first impression about you to potential employers and as such, it is important you avoid making mistakes that gives you off as unserious and may even potentially cost you your desired job.

Here are a number of mistakes you should avoid making on your CV.

Grammatical Errors
Grammatical errors and misspellings are mistakes you should stay away from, especially since they frustrate potential employers. According to a 2013 CareerBuilder survey, 58 percent of employers said resume typos were one the biggest reasons they did not hire employees.

Repetition of Phrases
You can say you “contributed” content to a company newsletter the first time. However, if you say you also “contributed” to sales meeting objectives in the second line, it becomes tiring to the eyes of a potential employer.

Switch your verbs. Think of more synonyms such as brainstormed, initiated, managed. These phrases will not only do the magic but make you appear smart to your potential employer.

Listing Your References
Listing references on your resume, or writing “references available upon request,” makes you look out of touch. Your employers will ask you if they want a reference.

Writing Too Much
Too much text is a sign of a cluttered mind and a CV that’s too filled is tiring to read. Keep your resume succinct and straight to the point. You should however bring up your job skills.

Your CV Is Too Creative
Do not design your resume using bubble letters, bright colours, and edgy graphics. You are allowed to use it if your career requires dynamic visuals, if not, keep your resume easy to read and follow. You can go on to demonstrate your originality from the minute you are hired.

Lying or even fibbing is never the way to secure a job. By doing so, you are taking the chance of being caught. You will not only be seen as a liar, but you also risk your reputation. Who knows who else in your industry that employer might warn about your deceit?

Disorganized Resume
If you are applying for a marketing job, do not list your time as a content writer. Think about your work history, and tailor your resume for each job to which you apply.

Bragging About Your Hobbies
You can play football, basketball, and musical instruments such as the guitar and violin but your future employer does not need to know all these. Your skills should be relevant the job you are applying for.

Hyping Your Social Media Accounts
Except you’re applying for the job of a social media manager, no one needs to know your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account handles.

Your social media information takes up valuable resume space, and could make you look like a less serious candidate. And you also need to be sure that you’re not posting any information on social media that could give your employer doubts about you.



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