Eight Hacks That Can Help You Get Your Meals Ready Faster

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There are a number of genius hacks that can basically make your meals get prepared faster than you can imagine. It is essential to know what these hacks are, as they can come in handy when you least expect.


Have A Meal Delivered Once Weekly
It could be that you are too tired to cook or the idea is overwhelming. You can check in with a meal delivery service and have fresh ingredients delivered to your home with step-by-step instructions for creating a home cooked meal.

A lot of recipes are portioned out to your family’s size and serve as a great introduction to new flavours and ingredients.

Defrost Your Foods A Night Before
One thing that stresses people out is getting home and realising that their best protein is a frozen block. Place it in the fridge to defrost the night before. Make it part of your cleanup routine; as you do the dishes, get the chicken out of freezer.

Make A Main Dish Over The Weekend
A little effort over the weekend goes a long way. Prepare one or two main dishes, especially soups and sauces in fairly large quantities that can sustain you for the week.

With the main dish already prepared, you can whip up a simple side salad or vegetable in less than 10 minutes. Plus, it takes the pressure off of cooking from scratch every weeknight.

Make Use Of A Slow Cooker
Slow cookers should be your best friend. Let the appliance do the work for you while you’re on the job or out of the house tackling a to-do list.

You can then come home to a number of meals that can be made by a slow cooker. You’ll serve dinner quicker than the time it takes to set the table.

Freeze Soups And Sauces In Ziploc Bags
Make your soups and sauces in fairly large quantities and freeze them in bags. Lay the bags flat to freeze. You will save a considerable amount of time by thawing whatever is in the bag under running water for one minute.

Furthermore, you can save space once the bags are frozen by filling the frozen stews and soups in your freezer like books on a bookshelf.

Follow A Vegetarian Diet
Cooking or making vegetables only can actually speed up cooking time and make life easier as it reduces the risk of cross contamination that can occur with raw meat. You can simply toss vegetables on the grill for a quick and easy side or main dish.

Cook In Small Pieces
A thick piece of chicken can take ages to bake. The same goes for a large piece of steak. Sliced or cubed meat cooks in much shorter time.

Use A Microwave To Make Your Meals Faster
Microwaves can help you with more than just softening butter. You can cut a potato and microwave it for a few minutes to soften it and then finish it off in the oven to crisp and release all the flavours. Using this method can save you at least a half hour. The same goes for a spaghetti squash.



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