Drug Smuggler Dies As Cocaine Capsule Explodes In Her Stomach

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Drug Smuggler Dies As Cocaine Capsule Explodes In Her Stomach

Drug Smuggler Dies As Cocaine Capsule Explodes In Her Stomach

A Brazilian woman, who is acting as a drug mule and was said to have agreed to smuggle 71 grams of cocaine to Europe in return for around £2,350, has died when a cocaine capsule she was carrying in her stomach burst.

Deyse Ricarte, 28, was said to have recorded a distressing farewell video to her family after a cocaine capsule she was smuggling inside her stomach burst, causing her to overdose.

Police say she was carrying 71 grams of cocaine from Brazil to Portugal inside dozens of pellets when one of them burst.

According to insiders close to the investigation, Ms. Ricarte flew from Belo Horizonte in southeast Brazil on July 8 and was found dead at dawn the following day in the Sao Pedro Hotel in Lisbon.

The autopsy into her death revealed that of the dozens of pellets she ingested, one ruptured and caused a fatal overdose.

Daily Mail reports that a panicked Ricarte, who has an 11-year-old son, sent the video from her Lisbon hotel room to a friend back home after she began to feel unwell.

In the footage she can be seen patting her chest several times and breathing heavily.

‘Do you think my face is swollen or is it normal?’ she asks the camera.

‘I think I’m going to die, my friend. Oh Lord, help me. My friend talk to my mum and tell her I love her and my dad. I’m not going to make it. God help me.’

Ricarte even sent a picture of the hotel’s business card to her friend so she could raise the alarm.

Federal Police detective Ramon da Silva said those close to Ricarte are helping them with their inquiries.

“We believe this is an international trafficking operation that could not be done by just one person,” he said.

“(Deyse) appears to have had support in Brazil and Portugal. Our suspicion is that the operation is based in Minas Gerais state because the passport was recently issued there and picked up on June 22 and she flew from Belo Horizonte (the state capital).

“We suspect she ingested the narcotic substance shortly before taking the flight.”

He added: “Portuguese police are carrying out their investigations and examinations which will be passed on to the Brazilian authorities.

“The Brazilian consulate in Lisbon is supporting the family with all the necessary assistance.”



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