Do You Know Sunglasses Have Expiration Dates? Here Are Seven Unbelievable Things That Do

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You probably know that food items have expiration dates but how many other everyday (non-food) items are you aware of that can go bad over time?

Don’t bother searching for a tiny date printed on your sunglasses because you won’t find one. In addition to shielding your eyes from the sun’s rays, sunglasses block harmful UV rays that could cause cancer or cataracts.

Unfortunately, sun specs become less effective at blocking UV light as time goes on, according to researchers at the University of São Paulo, partly from normal wear and tear that may scratch the lenses.

Running shoes
Have your sneakers seen some better days? Time to throw them out. The more you work out in a pair of shoes, the more the cushioning wears down, meaning you won’t be able to run as efficiently and might increase your risk for injury.

Most shoemakers recommend replacing a pair after running 300 to 600 miles in them. It’s a wide range, so pay attention to how they feel. Most runners will be able to feel when their shoes have gone bad.

Car seats
Car seats can literally save the life of your infant or child’s life, which is why it should be correctly installed and that you ensure it’s not past its expiration date. Yes, every car seat has an expiration date, and it’s usually printed on the bottom of the seat.

The longevity of a car seat varies by manufacture date and brand but most car seats tend to expire after six to ten years, depending on the type of seat you have.

Motor oil
There’s nothing wrong with stocking up on motor oil when you see a sale, but be aware that it tends to go bad after five years. At that point, the oil can start to separate and the consistency could change, compromising its performance.

Tea bags
If you drink tea only sparingly, the tea bags you have stored may not be as potent as when they were fresh. While tea won’t necessarily spoil, it can lose quality after about two years, according to manufacturers. You can preserve tea longer by storing it in the freezer.

If you’re the type that paints your home yourself, you may likely have old paint cans stored away. You likely won’t see an expiration date on them, but that doesn’t mean you can expect to see like-new results every time you pop the top.

In fact, painting experts recommend disposing of any paint that’s been open for two to four years. Unopened, oil-based paint will stay good for about 15 years, and latex-based paint stays good for around ten years. Regardless of time, discard any paint that’s moldy, dried out, or has chunks in it.

Toothpaste is one thing you shouldn’t buy in bulk even though expiration date depends on the manufacturer and brand. If you’ve got some older tubes, consider using them for household projects like removing shoe scuffs or cleaning your clothes iron.

Bar soap
You expect soap to get you squeaky clean, but it might not do such a clean job if it has passed it’s prime. Some bar soaps have expiration dates, but for those that don’t, experts recommend storing them no more than three years. Signs that your bar soap has gone bad include dryness and cracks.



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