Dalic Looking At World Cup Final, Not Premier League Possibility

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Croatia head coach, Zlatko Dalic held his cards close to his chest and remains focused on the World Cup final, despite reports linking him to England.

The 51-year-old led Croatia to their first ever World Cup final, after taking over from Cacic, following a poor qualifying, but won the playoff against Greece.

Dalic – who worked his way up the ranks in Asia where he led UAE giants Al Ain to the 2016 AFC Champions League final – now stands on the cusp of Croatia’s biggest achievement.

Quizzed on his future plans and a possible switch to England, Dalic told reporters: “I can’t really think about that now because it may give the wrong message to some Croatian people when we are about to try to become the best team in the world.

“But maybe. Now we have to try to do something big.”

“In the big European leagues you look for brand names and it’s all wrong,” Dalic added. “People get big jobs just because they were big players. But what does that mean?

“I started at a small club. I told them straight away that a big name equals a big mistake that will cost big money.

“Nothing was given to me on a plate unlike some managers in Europe who can manage because of their name.

“But I always said: ‘Give me a Barcelona or a Madrid and I will win titles’.”

Dalic continued: “Throughout my career and my life I’ve always taken the hardest path and had to fight. I didn’t want to stay in Croatia, be a middling coach and live off handouts. So I went abroad.


“We are not respected in Europe, even though Croatian coaches like Slaven Bilic and Niko Kovac [Bayern Munich head coach] have great results. I started at the bottom of the ladders and in a year I was the best coach in Asia.

“I managed the best club in Asia. I reached the final of the Champions League in Asia. You cannot sneeze at that. That brought me huge experience. I was there seven years and it was a hard path but I believed in myself.

“When Croatia called I never had any doubts or dilemmas. I knew what we could do on the basis of my faith in myself and players. People like me, Kovac and Bilic. This is the proof that we know what we are about. But we’ve been underrated as coaches. Now we have all shown we can achieve things and we are proud.”



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