Check Out Five Signs That Indicate You May Be Having A Panic Attack

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Panic attack is one term that a lot of people use loosely, simply because they do not understand the difference between it and minor stress. The fact is panic attacks are much more acute, especially since its quite sudden and can cause untoward physical reactions.

A Deep Fear Out Of Nowhere
Panic attacks can come without warning, triggering a sudden feeling of overwhelming dread. It goes beyond feeling nervous, anxious, or stressed. The feeling is intense and comes without any obvious reason.

People with recurring panic attacks go on to develop panic disorder, which affects more women than men.

Feeling Like You’re Losing Your Mind
Due to the intensity and sudden onset of the feelings, physical panic attack symptoms may arise at the same time resulting in a fear of going crazy.

That may arise at the same time, it’s not unusual to develop a “fear of going crazy. The disconnect between the mind and body about what’s happening can be confusing.

This is because the body doesn’t know what to do, since half of the brain wants to escape and the other half wants to stay.

Increased Heart Rate
Panic attacks cause the body to respond as if it is under some form of physical threat. When you have a panic attack, your body responds as though it’s under an actual physical threat.

The massive surge of nervous signals activates the amygdala, the brain’s evolutionary fight or flight center, causing symptoms that include a rapid, pounding heart rate that can make you feel like you’re having a heart attack.

You Fear For Your Life
The fear pulsing through you may lead you to feel as though you’re dying or out of control. However, what is happening is that your body is flooded with adrenaline, due to the perception of imminent danger. The body is preparing itself to do whatever it can to be safe, be it punching and kicking or running as fast as you can.

Knowing that it is a simple, natural natural physiological response can help you reduce your fear.

Short Breath
Having “difficulty breathing” and “feeling as though you can’t get enough air” are common panic attack symptoms that sufferers in have. This usually happens when a person is anxious and this may cause them to hyperventilate or breathe too quickly.

Learning some mindful breathing techniques may help prevent anxious feelings from escalating into a full-scale panic attack.



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