Charley Boy’s Daughter Reveals Her Parents’ Reaction To Her Being A Lesbian

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Charley Boy’s Daughter Reveals Her Parents' Reaction To Her Being A Lesbian

Charley Boy’s Daughter Reveals Her Parents’ Reaction To Her Being A Lesbian

Dewy Oputa, daughter to perhaps Nigeria’s most controversial entertainer and singer, Charles Oputa a.k.a “Charley Boy”, has revealed that her parents didn’t accept her choice of being a lesbian so easily as many may have assumed.

Last week, Dewy, who resides in Atlanta Georgia, USA came out of the closet to declare that she is a lesbian. Dewy while clearly stating that she was a bit nervous, added that she and her girlfriend have decided to create a couples page.

Charley Boy’s Daughter Reveals Her Parents Reaction To Her Being A LesbianShe wrote: “I was kind of nervous about this but fuckkkkkkkkk ittttttttttt! …….Clears throat sooooooooooooo

I and my Girlfriend decided to create a couples page because why not ?‍♀️ go follow @dewyandsj … ❤”

While speaking with The Punch, Dewy said she shared the post because she got tired of hiding and decided it was time to live in her truth.

She said, “My mission for creating a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer platform is to provide a safe place for youths in the African community. I strive to create an accepting and welcoming community where everyone is free to express themselves and be loved for who they are. I want a place where individuals such as myself can create authentic friendships and thrive as the person they were born to be.”

“I can’t pinpoint the exact age I found out about my sexuality, but I was much younger. When I came out to my parents, it took them a while to adjust but my happiness comes first. I don’t feel bad about the negative comments my sexuality post has generated. I knew Nigerians would always have negative things to say and I was mentally prepared for it. I’m not here to sway anybody’s point of view; I’m here to bring awareness.”

 “To be honest, I do not have any fears. I think there are far more critical issues that are yet to be resolved. So, why should my sexual orientation affect the next man? Nigerians that have a problem with the LGBTQ community need to mind their business and focus on the critical life and death situation at hand. Love has never killed the next man.”

Meanwhile, in his reaction to the news of his daughter’s sexuality, the Nigerian entertainer and human rights activist stated that he loves her regardless of her choice of a sexual partner.

He said, “She is my daughter, why won’t I support her even if she is whatever she is? My father supported me too. We can argue on moral grounds but we all have our rights to life. I fought for the gay community; so, if my daughter turns out to be this way, I should walk my talk.”

 “I have daughters who are married and have children, but she is the only one who has decided to be different. As long as she finds happiness or moves on with her life, I don’t have any problem with it. My father wanted me to be a lawyer and I told him I didn’t want to be a lawyer; I did what made me happy.

 “People can be talking based on moral grounds, but we are not in the position to judge. Nigeria is like this because of evil people and we should concentrate on those people; not my daughter’s sexuality.”



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