Assurance; Matters Of The Heart Or Pocket?

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Assurance; Matters Of The Heart Or Pocket? By Atai Akpan

Assurance, that’s the word a lot of ladies chant every day. 99% of ladies want a man who is financially insured. (Perhaps, you probably might just be the 1%, I’ve been searching for). Don’t be a doubting Thomas. It’s a fact. In this computer age, money is pretty much a pre-requisite for love. I’ve even been told that money, can buy love, which is pretty much true-to a certain extent. How? We’ve got the gigolos with the sugar ladies and vice versa.

Now, I know you’re about to counter that love is more important in a relationship, but the underlying question, is if you actually believe it?  Whenever this topic comes up during girls talk, so many ladies are quick to say that love is all that really matters. But, could it be the fear of being judged by others?

A lot of relationships of today have crashed because of the money factor. Quick question? How many relationships have you heard, crashed because there was way too much money? I thought so. A good friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend recently. Why? She had patiently waited for the ‘incoming money’, she had been through the thinnest of thins with him,  but it was obvious it wasn’t forthcoming. She said she had to leave, because she fell out of love. Now, even though I am not in support of money being a pre-requisite for love, but I do hold the strong opinion that they do go hand-in-hand. I believe in balance and financial security. One should not over-shadow the other. Love is equally important just as money is too in a relationship. Even the famous music crooner, Davido said it all, ‘’Love is sweet O, when money enter Love is sweeter’’.

But hey! Would you date a man, or a woman that is financially low, but ‘lovingly’ rich? Or do you believe in financial security before love? Do you believe in the balance of money and love in a relationship? We all have our own opinion.


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