All The Names Of Body Parts You Never Knew Revealed

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There are probably a number of body parts that you are unsure of what names to call them. What is that ridge above your lips called and what is the name of that area behind your knee?

Anatomical snuffbox
When you make a thumbs-up sign, the hollow area that forms under the base of your thumb between two tendons is called the “anatomical snuffbox”. It derived this name because people placed their snuff in earlier times, probably the18th and 19th centuries before snorting.

Popliteal fossa
The more technical name for the area behind your knee, where your knee bends is the “posterior knee,” but it also known as the “kneepit” or the popliteal fossa.

We sometimes experience a type of “itch” that we are unable to scratch. In any animal, the acnestis is an area of the back that can’t be reached for scratching. In humans, that area is usually located between the shoulder blades.

When the face of a human embryo comes together, the pieces meet in what becomes the cleft between the lips and the nose. The medical name for this area is philtrum, and originated from the Greek word for “love charm.”

Another name for the glabella is the mesophryon, which is the smooth space between your eyebrows, where a unibrow would be.

The creases in your wrist that you normally refer to as skinfolds and which you may employ in dabbing sweat when you want to avoid using the back of your wrist is known as rasceta.

The tragus is the flap of skin that sits in front of your ear canal which you press on when closing your ears. The antitragus however, is the cartilage projection across from where the tragus lies.

Lingual frenulum
Generally, the fraenum or frenulum refers to small ligaments that restrict movement. The most common example is the lingual frenulum, which attaches your tongue to the bottom of your mouth.

Suprasternal notch
another name for the suprasternal notch is the jugular notch. It is the depression that lies under the neck between your two clavicles.

Columella nasi
The Columella nasi is the name for the skin by the septum of your nose, which separates your nostrils.



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