7 Family Members Allegedly Commit Suicide Over “Financial Situation”

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7 Family Members Allegedly Commit Suicide Over “Financial Situation”

Seven members of a family in eastern India were found hanging inside their home, police told AFP Monday, in what they said was a suspected case of mass suicide — although two victims were infants.

The family were living in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state, and the dead included two women and three men alongside the two children.

“Initial investigations point to suicide. We have also recovered suicide notes pointing to the family’s financial situation,” Anish Gupta, senior superintendent of Ranchi police told AFP.

“It looks like the two adult brothers, one of whom was married, helped others commit suicide before taking their own lives,” Gupta added.

Ranchi police say that there are no signs of a break-in or an outsider’s presence at the house, and the handwritten notes mention distress and financial hardships faced by the family.

The incident comes after eleven members of a family in the capital New Delhi made national headlines earlier this month after they were found dead inside their home.

Ten of the eleven family members were found hanging and the police found strong similarities between the spiritual and mystical practices mentioned in notes inside the house and the manner in which they died.




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